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How to make the SIOC ontology adopting by the Web community?

Ina asked that question via the SIOC mailing list:


“What are the main advantages of SIOC and also disadvantages of the


Uldis Bojars answered to that question by saying that “The main challenge to SIOC in my view is the adoption.”

As I said in my reply to Uldis: there is not 100 ways to make SIOC adopting by the Web community. In fact, if we check history, we will probably find that the most important innovations for the mankind have been unnoticed for years, even centuries.

It’s all about the tipping point. We have to reach a state where there is no return point and that it spread everywhere. We have to reach such a state that users even don’t realize that they are using the SIOC ontology.

The best way, in my humble opinion, is to create simple and effective prototypes that show to the World how it could be use, what is its utility and what is the results.

Such tools are starting to appear, just to name a few:


Alex’s SIOC browser is particularly interesting for general users because they don’t have to know what SIOC is to use the service.

What I’ll try to do in the near future is to develop a sort of pinging (or anything else) system with Alex to let Talk Digger communicate with his SIOC browser. That way, we would have a proof of concept of the cross-community power of the SIOC ontology.

What we have to do is continuing to develop such tools, to implement the ontology in many different communities until we reach a point where we have great tools and enough content to show to the World its power and how it can really help interaction between online Web communities.

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