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Volkswagen UK’s Search Engine Powered by structWSF

Posted By Frederick Giasson On December 21, 2011 @ 2:23 pm In Open Semantic Framework,OSF Web Services,Semantic Web,Structured Dynamics | 2 Comments

It is now official, Volkswagen UK [1]‘s search engine is now powered by structWSF [2]. Their new contextual search engine has been released last Friday. I covered the underlying architecture in one of my recent blog post: Volkswagen's RDF Data Management Workflow [3]. [4]



John Streit, head of technology at Tribal DDB, described the two key advantages of using the structWSF (part of the Open Semantic Framework [6] (OSF)) for their website in an interview with Wired UK [7]:

The first is that it gives you a single place to access data. Streit explains: “Applications often need to retrieve data from multiple sources which adds complexity and development time. By using this technology we can get everything we need from a single place which drastically lowers development time and running costs.” Furthermore the exposure of data improves search and means that it can be repurposed in new and imaginative ways.

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