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Managing Resource Type Entities (Screencast)

Posted By Frederick Giasson On April 21, 2014 @ 8:53 am In Open Semantic Framework,OSF Academy,OSF for Drupal,Planet Drupal,Structured Dynamics | No Comments

In this screencast, you will discover how you can use the OSF for Drupal [1] user interface to browse, filter and search for Resource entities [2] that have been indexed in Open Semantic Framework [3] (OSF) datasets. You will see how you can use it to manage what you want to expose on your Drupal portal.

Then you will see how you can create [4], update [5], delete [6] and export [7] Resource entities using Drupal.

Finally you will discover the revisioning system [8], and the revisioning user interface [5] that is available to the Drupal administrators.


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