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Combat Sports

I started doing boxing in 1999. The only reason I started to practice that sport was by curiosity, for the experience. Six months later, I told myself that boxing is good, but that I could probably find something even better.

It’s at that moment that I started to practice a mix of boxing, kickboxing and muy-thai. The professional sport the nearest of that “style” is called the K1. Since then, I never stopped practicing that sport: at a minimum 3 times a week.

This passion for the combat sports grew slowly, one training session after another. What is fascinating is to notice how the practice of that only sport has been able to forge my personality during these years.

What I learned above all is not to have pain, to give pain or to sweat liters of water. What I learned is to focus, to concentrate, to have speed (quick reaction), strength and precision, not only physically but also mentally. The result is the development of an attitude and a confidence in myself.