Turbocharge web links

The zLinks client-side service is an entry point to a vast new world of additional rich data and link-related services . . . waiting silently in the background until you need it.

zLinks is made available as either a blog or CMS plug-in or browser extension. The service automatically adds a mini- icon to any embedded link . When you mouse over this icon and after a brief delay to prevent annoying and unwanted popups the zLinks dialog presents icon-typed links to further relevant data and documents in context to that link.

Here are a couple of more examples to mouse over showing the possibilities for embedded links dealing with such items as places, people, books, or music albums, among many others.

Once installed, zLinks automatically turbocharges all of your existing and new content links to tap these resources that are contextual, relevant, informative and actionable.

Some of these embedded links have a lot of data (additional links) behind them, some have relatively little, depending on their degree of "linkedness."

Authors of zLinks-powered content can also provide their own link annotations and gain other benefits.