My Indian tourist visa just arrived this morning.

Expiry date: 17 November 2005. Dah! Have I applied for a 6 months or 1 year visa? Definitely a 1 year, I paid for it! If I arrive in Delhi in September I have… 3 months? I’m not arrived in India and all my “plans” fall apart. The problem is that Indian visas start when they are issued.

I called at the consulate of Toronto and asked why I got a 6 months visa when I paid for a 1 year one. It seems that it is much more difficult to get a 1 year, so I got a 6 month. Fred… do not ask any questions and take it as it is.

So I need to bring back my plan number 2: arrive in Delhi and run at the nearest country to get another 6 month visa. Many possibilities exist: Arrive in Delhi, do the northern states of India for 3 months and go to Katmandu to get another visa. Or from Delhi to Calcutta to finish in the Bangladesh. Or run from Delhi to Colombo. There are so many possibilities… the problem is that this is not 100% sure that you get your new visa hahaha. Any ideas?

It’s what I like in traveling… you never know what will happen and where you will go. The only thing you can do is to go with the flow… the flow of events. When someone say to me: I’m planning a trip. I stare at him and start grinning.

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