Why do I read science fiction books? – The beginning of my literacy life

As I said, I’ll gradually put texts in my bookshelf section that will tell you why I read these books. The first book I read by my own was a science fiction one called: “Les Thanatonotes”. Soon after, I read all Isaac Asimov’s books. I never read in my childhood, I was too busy to build shacks and towers in the wood. I needed to work in a book store to open myself to books. Since then, I can’t see my life without reading.

I need to thank science fiction books. They opened me to the world of literacy and helped me to see benefits in reading. When I started to read the Fondation chronicle of Asimov, I was so entertained by the story that I go through the 5 books in some weeks. I soon discover that science fiction books are far more than entertaining stories. The authors have the possibility to explore the science world with another eye. They can make their scientific fantasies a reality. They can explore the impact of such fantasies on the human society.

By example, if I remember right, Arthur C. Clark has “invented” the geostationary satellite before scientists think about building and sending them into space. Or Isaac Asimov created and popularized the word and concept “robot”. It was a contractor fascinated by his “robot” concept that built the first industrial robot for one of his factory. This is just some examples of what science fiction trend could bring to the readers and the society. It can be seem as an experimentation laboratory.

Personally I’m reading science fiction books in a quest for new ideas; to see things differently. Sometimes, when I’m reading a science fiction book, some ideas come up in my mind. Then I muse on them and see if I can do something with them. They could be, or not, in relation with what I’m reading. But the fact is there, and my goal was reached, they were trigged by my reading.

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