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Developments with is 3 days old and many people already started to take a look at it. The purpose of this blog post is to know what are the next steps, what the open questions are and what changed since.


What changed?

In the last 3 days I fixed some little bugs, I upgraded the auto-discovery feature and I corrected the grammar (thanks to Uldis Bojars).


The open question: the export feature

The file format used to export the list of pings is still an open question. Right now, I am using a simple XML file (with two elements) to export the list of pings.

Some people wonder why I don’t use a custom RDF document, a Scutter Vocab document or a RSS document?

Christoph Görn proposed this implementation for the export feature

Personally the problem I have by exporting the list of pings in RDF instead of XML is the overhead (in number of characters) it adds without seeing significant benefit to do so. Read the comments on this blog post to be aware of the current positions on the question.

Please leave your comments about this question on this blog post. Personally I’ll wait until Tim Finin (of Swoogle) contact me with the method they wish to use to make Swoogle interacting with However, any new opinions are welcome.


Future developments


SIOC detector

Uldis is currently working on a new version of his SIOC detector. This new version will detect SIOC, DOAP and FOAF files on web pages (By the way, the SIOC detector is a FireFox plug-in). If the detector finds an instance of these ontologies on a web page, it will instantly ping pinging service.

It will be a really great (and easy) way to find new documents. By example, if 100 people install that plug-in on their FireFox browser, each time one of those find a SIOC, DOAP or FOAF document, while they are surfing the web, the pinging server will be noticed.



I would like to thanks Uldis, Alex Passant, Christoph and Harry Chen (do I forgot somebody) for their ideas, work and writing on the project.


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