First impressions with Internet Explorer 7.0 and FireFox 2.0

I just downloaded and Installed Internet Explorer 7.0 along with FireFox 2.0

First impression: Wow!

I didn’t have the time to have a deep look at them but I am really impressed. I am not impressed by their new interface (even if I find IE’s new interface quite nice), their new features (like embedded RSS reader, etc.) Nah, I am impressed by what make a Web browser a good one: rendering speed and standards complying.

My primary Web browser is Opera. Why? Speed, standards complying, multi-platforms, best tabs handling, the faster DOM manipulation, etc.

The first thing that stroke me when I both used IE and FireFox was their increase in speed. Web sites that were extensively modifying DOM document, on-the-fly, were much more faster (the speed difference between IE 6 and IE 7 with Talk Digger is awesome).

Users have a much better experience using these browsers now. Not for their new goodies or their new user interface features. Users have a much better experience using these browsers because they are much faster, they are much smoother so they are much natural.

Kevin Berton wrote about this dilemma sooner this week: more features or better performance (so better features)? In that case, better performance, so better features was the answer to the question (in my humble opinion).

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3 thoughts on “First impressions with Internet Explorer 7.0 and FireFox 2.0

  1. Well, i don’t like ie (any), had some mayor probs with site design and the new ie7 causes some bugs too, if you’d follow the discussion. I’ll stay with Opera and Netscape.

  2. Hi guys!

    Milo: yeah, it is true, IE 6 was old, and you had to develop many custom codes to let your web sites works well on it.

    However, I think many changes have been made in IE7 and I think (as far as I tested it) that they fixed many, many problems.

    But my point here was to explicit the fact that it is much faster than the previous version. All the reviews I read so far talk about its new features (the RSS thing,s etc). However, in my humble opinion, I don’t think it is what makes it great.

    Tim: yeah it is true, but bugs and security vulnerabilities will probably exist at least until I die in 70 or 80 years 😉 IE, FF, Opera, Safari, name it, they all have bugs and security vulnerabilities (know or not).

    But I have to say that I have been really surprised by this new version; especially by the fact that there is no menu bar anymore. That way it leaves more space to read vertically (essential since all the new laptop are widescreen).



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