The reasons of my blog’s change

During my blogging process I learned many things on me. First I wanted to blog to increase my English writing. Then I start to blog on one of my passion, the security. I wrote many posts on many domains of security. I got feedbacks and some quotidian readers. But the more I wrote and the more I found that I’m passionate by many things and that I want to talk about them. It’s the reason why I changed my blog. I want to talk about subjects that passionate me, anything, not just security. I don’t want to write about only one of my passions, I want to write on all of them. I wish that I’ll be able to transmit you my passions; in a language that is not my native tongue.

I read about writing in the past few weeks and I need to say that they are right: The more you write the more you want write about things that you observe.

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