The last weekend an idea passed through my mind: “It seems that more companies are using content syndication technologies to broadcast their news or information to their employees”. Then I started to write a protocol to take this fact in count. It’s called: SWFP, Secure Web Feed Protocol.

“SWF is a protocol to ensure the secure broadcasting of web feeds’ content over a local network or the Internet. The protocol ensures the encryption of the feeds and the distribution of their encryption symmetric keys.”

It was supposed to be the draft of an idea, something to post here. Finally it revealed to be an article of 12 pages. I worked on it this week and came with this first draft:

View: SWFP: Secure Web Feed Protocol [PDF file]

If you have any question about this paper, don’t hesitate to contact me. If you find flaws in the protocol or modifications to suggest send them to me, they’ll be warmly welcome. I also invite you to leave your comments about this paper here, on this post.

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