Since some months, I ear mainstream media in Quebec and Canada talking about blogs (especially since the Gomery Commission). It was the first sign of the influence of blogs on Canadian traditional Medias; how they could possibly change the way Canadians get information, how Canadian laws are applied (always think about the Gomery Commission and American blogs), etc.

Today I just take a look at a new political program on RDI (the national news broadcast channel in French (CBC in English)) called “Les coulisses du pouvoir” (Power’s backstage). Then I saw a screen appearing with the topic of the next chronicle: “Les Bloggueurs” (The Bloggers). Then Bruno Guglielminetti started to talk about what Canadians and Quebecois bloggers had to say related to the last week’s main political events.

Now, how can we say that Bloggers do not have an influence on main stream Media when the national news channel of Canada retrieve and analyze information that came from local bloggers?

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2 thoughts on “Blogs and bloggers are influencing Canadian traditional Medias

  1. Darn! My SnapStream search filters let that one slip by. I have it setup to record any show that contains the word “blog” in the description, but it didn’t flag that one. Was the show interesting (other than the fact that they were mentionning blogs?)

  2. Hi Alex!

    Sure it was! I think that it fill a great need for RDI. It is always interesting to learn how politic works from experts of the domain.

    By the way: félicitation pour ton mariage!



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