I am probably reading one of my best book in the last years. “If you want to write – a book about Art, independence and Spirit” by Brenda Ueland.

Praise to art, creativity, imagination, life, works, and self. I have been astonished to read what is her way to create, to incubate ideas, to think without thinking about ideas that are true and imaginative:

“In the same way what you write today you thought and created in some idle time on another day. It is another day that your ideas and visions are slowly built up, so that when you take your pencil there is something to say[foot note] that is not just superficial and automatic, like children yelling at a birthday party, but it is true and has been tested inwardly and is based on something.

[foot note] Though remember this: you may not be conscious, when you sit down, of having evolved something important to say. You will sit down as mentally blank, godnatured and smiling as usual, and not frowning solemnly over the weight of your message. Just the same, when you begin to write, presently something will come out, something true and interesting.”

It is the exact process I used to create Talk Digger. It is the exact process I am using to create the next generation of Talk Digger; that will be release in the next 3 months. I know, since some years, that it is the way my mind works, it is the way I can create things and find solutions to my problems. I let the flow of information get into my mind, then I incubate it for weeks, months, even years and somewhere in the future, I know that a seed idea will pop-up in my mind and that that seed idea will flourish in something true, imaginative and useful (at least for me). The seed idea was the alpha version of Talk Digger (in fact I wrote Beta, but it wasn’t, my unconsciousness probably knew that it wasn’t, but my consciousness thought it was a beta version because he didn’t know what was coming); now the real Beta version is coming… something new, something true, and something imaginative (at least for me).

4 thoughts on “The slow and powerful process of creation

  1. Hi Fred,

    Eagerly waiting for the real beta of Talk Digger

  2. Hi Sudar!

    Great ๐Ÿ™‚ Then here are some info just for you (Shut! Do not tell it to anyone!)

    The next change will only be an update of the current version:

    1- More results
    2- Completely new interface, layout, logo, etc.
    3- 100% compatible with IE, FireFiox, Opera, Safari (it is not the case with the current version)
    4- all pages will be XHTML 1.0 strict compatible.
    5- All the under-the-hood system is re-developed in prevision of the next development phases.

    This version is supposed to be available in 2 weeks, if everything go fine ๐Ÿ™‚

    And the next major update, the innovation, will be available in January. What it will be all about? I tell you it a little bit later ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Take care and keep up the good work Sudar!



  3. So true is this description of the creative processes running inside – and so well depicted. At the same time it is universally applicable, no matter which is the area a creative mind works in and if it is officially recognised as art. And I am impressed to find it in this context here – it is so pleasant to see the union of creativity and its practical application.

  4. Hi TrendOffice,

    Thanks for this comment. Art and creativity is everywhere: the human world have been built with both of them. One of the more creative character of the last century have been Einstein without any doubts, even if his theories had some mathematical problems: he checked out-of-the-box and found so many things! In fact, he changed the world for even.

    The creative process is probably the most builtiful and gratifiant process we can perform as human beings.

    Thanks for this comment!



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