I just received a flyer from the Conservative Party of Canada candidate in my region. I checked it and I saw that he had a web site with his full name as domain name. Then I told me: I hope he have a blog! Then I checked: no blog; deception.

People are talking about that the Internet can help democracy. The Canadian government does some public consultations over the Internet. People are even thinking about voting over the Internet (in fact I already voted over the Internet at the University Laval).

Now, I would like that my deputy have a blog. Companies use blogs to market their products. Companies use blogs to have a contact with their clients. Writers have blogs to get in touch with their readers. I have a blog to find new ideas, to get feedbacks from Talk Digger users. Why my deputy doesn’t have a blog?

If it is good for companies with their clients, why it could not be good for the government and their citizens?

It would be so interesting to know who my deputy is, what he is working on, his ideas and visions. So I could comments his ideas; I could show him my vision of things; I could discuss a specific article with other citizens in my region.

Great, but why the Conservative Party of Canada does setup a blog network for all his deputies, ministers and representatives? That way I could know what these people have in mind, but even more important, I could get a voice and tell them what I am thinking.

Perfect! So, what about the Liberal Party of Canada? The New Democratic Party of Canada or even the Bloc Québécois?

It is great to have offices everywhere to meet people. But what happen if citizens do not have the time to go there and get information they need? What if they do not have 40 hours to check who his Federal, Provincial or Municipal candidates are, what are their visions, etc? Please, do not blame people by saying something like: it is your duty to take your time to gather this information, to meet that people, etc. Yup it is, but they also have to work to feed and educate their children. Please, help them a little bit by making information available more easily. A good way could be by using blogs and blogs networks.

I want that my deputy have a blog!

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