The WayBack Machine told me that I was blogging 6 years ago and that I developed a blogging software in Perl!

I was playing with the WayBack Machine when I had the idea to look at the first domain name I bought about 8 years ago:

The archives from the WayBack Machine are quite impressive: from 2000 to 2005 (have in mind that I didn’t update it from 2002 to 2005).

Then I started to look at the first real website I developed with nostalgia. I was amazed to found it back online. What was Decatomb? At that time I was defining it as:



“Decatomb Production is a web site designed to help other computer professionals and enthusiasts in their fields of expertise. We provide a database of useful information from Decatomb’s Community. We also archive and make available a selection of the best technical papers, articles and analyses. In addition, we link other useful websites, newsgroups, events and books. The website is organized in 25 sections of the mosts popular programming languages and subjects.”

With amazement I found that I tried to create a developer community with that website. Then I started to remember things from the past: that I had about 200 subscribed users with profiles, that I developed a IM chat system in Perl, and finally I remembered (and found while surfing the website using the WayBack Machine) that I developed a “blogging” platform (in Perl) integrated in the layout of the Decatomb’s website: it was 6 years ago.

I was amazed to remember, and found, what is now called a blog. I just got out of the high school at that time and I didn’t know what a blog was a that time (I found what it was about 2 years ago).

Then what I found astonished me.

1- I found that I was displaying my last published items at the top of the page.



2- I found that each article had their own permalink, title, body and “view comments” and “post comment” options.



3- I found that the “post comment” section was quite similar with the current comment section on my blog.



4- People even posted comments on this “blog”! What surprised me was that the “friendly ship” of the conversation is the same as the one I have with my blog readers now. Nothing official, only people wanting to talk about something.



The only thing I can say is: thank to the WayBack Machine for that re-discovery. It seems that I was predestinated to rediscover blogs and blogging.

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2 thoughts on “The WayBack Machine told me that I was blogging 6 years ago and that I developed a blogging software in Perl!

  1. Hi Fred,

    “It seems that I was predestinated to rediscover blogs and blogging.”

    Yes you are…. 🙂

    Thought I couldn’t follow up the language in the screen shots (I think it is French) I could get a fair idea about your website. It’s really fascinating to note that you did it some 6 years back.

    If only you continued to develop that site, now you could have become “Father of blogging”. (BTW it really seems to be an apt title for you..)

    Have a nice day and I am eagerly waiting for the next version of Talk Digger.

  2. Hi Sudar!

    Thanks for these kind words, but I do not think so that I am a “father of blogging” (I don’t think so that the history will remember me as is… but who know ahahha 🙂 )

    The development of Talk Digger is going really good. I hope that in a month I will be able to open a couple of alpha testing accounts for people like you that follow its development since the begenning.

    Thanks Sudar!



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