I’ll give a talk at the Webcom Montreal Conference tomorrow: the Web of tomorrow: the Semantic Web


    Tomorrow I’ll answer to the question: “What is the Internet of tomorrow for you?” with 3 other people at the Webcom Montreal Conference.

Guest what is my vision of the Internet of tomorrow? Yeah, you are right, it is the semantic web. Bellow is the layout of my talk where I try to answer to the question in the simplest way, with terms that even my mom could understand. The more technical terms used will be: semantic web, web services, data and search engine. The hardest challenge is to express the vision of the semantic web I have with the simplest terms. In fact, all the “simple” terms I enumerated above have a deep implication and have complexes meaning. However, I hope that I’ll be able to communicate my vision well to all the non technical people that will listen at me tomorrow.


Today’s Internet is the one of the men:

  • The structure of the current Web: Tables, paragraphs, headers and footers, citations, bold characters, etc.
  • All these structures exist to help people to understand the meaning of a document.


Tomorrow’s Internet is the one of the machine:

  • The structure of tomorrow’s Web: Same documents and same data. A structure that explicit the context and the semantic, the link between the data. Usage of a grammar and a vocabulary to express and communicate the data.


How the documents of the semantic web will be used?

  • By web services
  • By applications like:
    • Electronic agend,
    • Calendar
    • Knowledge management systems
    • Etc.
  • By search engines
  • By any application that use Web data


What are the advantages of the semantic web?

  • Save time processing data (search time, information management, etc)
  • More pertinent search engine results
  • Better communication between web services
  • Targeted publicity depending on the context
  • Easier and faster web service developments (thanks to standards). The result is the development of more complex systems


What are the inconvenient of the semantic web?

  • More work for the software programmer to generate and publish its data for the semantic web.
  • The effects on privacy are unknown


What are the advantage of the semantic web vis-à-vis other already existing solutions?

  • The creation of standards assuring the good communication of information between applications that use the data.


Is the semantic web already existing?

  • Presentation of the SIOC ontology and its prototype applications.
  • Presentation of Piggy Bank.


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2 thoughts on “I’ll give a talk at the Webcom Montreal Conference tomorrow: the Web of tomorrow: the Semantic Web

  1. Looks great Fred! Hope you can get it on video for reuse, as I would like to see it, and Youtube would be richer to have such content.

  2. Hi Alex!

    Thanks! I think my presentation was okay (far from perfect since I am really not a professional conferencer, but we have to start somewhere 😉 ). Also I only had 10 minutes on the panel to introduce the SW with some examples, so I had to cut the corners round.

    But I have been really happy to do it and I think that people learned some things listening at me.

    Take care,



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