Design flaws with the new MacBook Pro Intel – My personal experience


    I received a MacBook Pro two weeks ago. Since then, I spent about 25 or 30 hours to configure, debug and repair it. The goal is to have a single production machine that have the possibility to run Mac OSX, Windows XP and Linux using Parallels, a Virtual Machine software that work under OSX (and that works pretty well!). However I had many, many troubles to get that production machine working and this blog post is the resume of what doesn’t work, for me, with that laptop computer.

Everybody says that Apple is a design company: you pay 2000 dollars for a beautiful, reliable and well-designed laptop computer. Yeah well, they are quite beautiful, but are they that well designed? Is the quality (you have to pay for quality at that price) that good? I have some doubts.


The flaws: what doesn’t work for me

In this blog post I will enumerate the things that goes wrong with my brand new MacBook Pro with an Intel processor.


Problems with the CD/DVD driver


The quality is questionable

What is the first thing you do when you receive a new laptop? Yeah, you install software! What if the CD/DVD driver doesn’t works? You call the AppleCare service to change it and wait 5 days.

The problem is not that my driver wasn’t working, it can happen. The problem is that the company who sent me the laptop, OpenLink (more information about them and my relation with them later this week), had the exact same problem with others MacPro they bought. So, where is the quality I am supposed to pay for? I have no idea.


What about small CDs?

After a couple of days, I bought an external hard drive to use as a backup drive. Then I checked to install some software that was coming with it. I was looking at the small size CD, wondering how I could put it in my laptop’s CD drive? I couldn’t without loosing it and calling the AppleCare service again.


(view of the CD/DVD drive)


The CD/DVD driver on the MacBook (same for the iBook) is really beautiful. But I think that it is a design flaw considering that you can’t put these little flashy CDs. What can I do? Nothing since the drivers where not accessible from the Internet, so I send back the hard drive to the shopping store.


What about the USB ports?


It only has 2 USB ports

There are only 2 USB ports on the MacPro. My goal was to use the laptop as my main computer. So I have to plug a mouse, a keyboard, a printer, an external hard drive and possibly my digital camera cable to it. How the hell should I do that? With a USB hub. It works fine now, but I had to use a plug-in.


The position of the ports

I am right handed and I always use mouse with my laptops. The biggest design flaw is that they put one of the two USB port exactly where I should put my mouse. Normally it should be at the top of the laptop, near the screen, but this one is right at the middle of the laptop, exactly where it shouldn’t.


(Right USB port)


Where the problems came from?

I think the problem came from their screen since they can’t put any ports at the back of the laptop so this is why they put them on the sides.


(front view of the screen)


(back view of the screen)


The Intel Processor

“Is the bug coming from the new Intel Processor or it is something else?” This is a frequent question you ask yourself when you buy a Mac Intel. There is no way to know. I spent most of my time trying to figure out what was the problem with the software I was installing on my laptop. Are the bugs were because the software wasn’t compatible with the new Intel processor or it was something else? It depends on the software.

For example, I bought a Microsoft Natural Keyboard because it was working on both Windows and OSX and because I like its feeling. I installed the configuration software on OSX, I restarted OSX, and a message was displayed: not working with this type of instance. So, it wasn’t working for the Intel processor.

I spent a couple of hours to find the new drivers for the keyboard.

This is an example of the current problem (since it will be fixed over time): each time you buy something for the Mac Intel, you have to check if it has been only tested on the PowePC Mac, or the Intel too.

This is really frustrating since you never know.

Would you like to make a fried egg on your laptop? It is now possible!

What I like is checking the news on my couch and reading my Bloglines with my laptop on my knees. This is really hard to do with the MacBook Pro since it become really, really hot. I have a small 12” iBook, and it doesn’t have this problem.

It seems that you can change some settings you fix the problem, so I’ll have to try it.


The famous magnetic power cable plug

It was supposed to be a great feature, but in the end, it is a big flaw for me. It is great if you are in an Internet coffee and that someone kick your wire with his legs but for the same reason the one about the heat problem: I spend a great time with my laptop on my knees. The problem here is that the little magnetic plug always unplug: on my couch, in the bus from Quebec to Montreal, etc, etc.

The idea is great, but it is too easy to unplug it, so it makes it more frustrating than useful.



Try to open your laptop

One last design flaw I can note: the open button is quite too small and seems cheap (doesn’t always work smoothly). I am 6’5” and I have big hands. So when I try to open my laptop, I have to take the time to push the open button well enough to open the laptop. It can seem stupid, but what it would cost to make it s little bit bigger?


(front button to open the laptop)



Don’t miss understand me here: I didn’t wrote this little blog post to kick Apple with their new laptop model; but only to explain what was not working for me with it and to make people aware of the possible problems they can encounter.

Once I spent 25 hours to install, debug and repair (CD/DVD driver) my workstation, it becomes a real good productivity laptop with a full of advantages (the workflow between OSX and Windows XP via Parallels is really great and work quite fine).

Now I can say that I like my new workstation, but I had to tame it and it frustrated me to have to spend that much time to make it works well enough to work with.


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40 thoughts on “Design flaws with the new MacBook Pro Intel – My personal experience

  1. Seems like you are not at all happy.. your blog is a list of complaints more than anything which is fine. Some of them I certainly dont seem to understand as you seem to think they are design faults. Why only having 2 usb ports is a design fault i dont know I have the same number and never need a hub and then there is the firewire options which most laptops dont have yet I dont consider lack of firewire on a laptop as a design fault.
    As you are so big maybe a larger what I would consider clunkier laptop would of suited you better. at 5’11” it seems all fine to me. My magafe never pops off and i live with it on my lap. Where on earth did you find little CD’s I saw them once years ago and they are a joke. I dont know anyone that uses them you cant buy them at the store to burn to so why do you need them? Frankly they are the design fault. I’d rather have a nice slot drive and not a draw that can get damaged.

  2. As you seem so concerned about design issues I wonder why you hadn’t thought through your design needs before buying the MacBook Pro? Your blog is a catalogue of failure to work out what trying to solely use a laptop really needs.
    Why didn’t you just order a 20 inch Dell laptop right for the outset? Or was it too expensive?

  3. Hi Guys,

    Thanks for you comments on this blog post.

    Shaneblyth: I am now, but I don’t think it is not normal to spend 25 hours to setup a laptop, to make it works with all the software/drivers I need, etc.

    Am I complaining? Yeah sure I am: a customer that pay something thousands of dollars for a laptop have the right to complain. At the end, you/Apple do what they want with my complains (accepting or refusing them).

    For the little CDs: the drivers of the external hard drive I bought were on a little CD. Wonder why, it was really a bad decision, but it is what I had and I was in trouble since I haven’t been able to find the drivers on the Internet, so I had to ship it back 😐

    TC: my client bought me this one for two reasons: (1) A Intel Mac to run both OSX and Windows XP and (2) Mobility. So it leaves you one choice: this machine 🙂

    But really, the worse thing is the quality of the CD/DVD drive. It was not the first time that one of the MacPro they bought had this problem.

    After a couple of weeks of use, I finally like using it and I don’t want to change. But considering the price, the reputation of Apple, I have been surprised to have the problems I cited above.

    Take care guys,


  4. Just a quick thought–when you buy a computer and then want to configure it to run mutiple operating systems with extra hardware, there will always be extra hours to get everything running right. I wonder how many people there are who buy an Apple laptop and then do what you did with yours?

    Apple configures machines to “just work” with a base of OS and software that will be used by the vast majority of purchasers. Could Apple configure your machine just for you and get it to work out of the box? Yes, but there is no market for that configuration. When you want something unique, you have to put in those hours. That’s why businesses, universities, schools all have IT people who configure the machines to do what they need them to do.
    Yes the CD/DVD drive is Apple’s fault. Did they take care of that problem for you under warrenty and in a timely manner?
    I love having the ports on the side! You don’t. Personal choice. Yes, to be thin, that makes a difference. But I and a lot of people don’t want a 2 inch thick notebook to have ports in the back where you can’t get to them.
    Small CD’s–why not blame the manufacturer of the hard drive for not providing media that works on more machines?
    I’ve had my powerbook for over three years and never had a problem with the button to open it. Maybe a lack of coordination on your part? Why blame the machine?

    As one of the other posts, it seems you didn’t do your research before purchase. Try a machine out and you would have found most of these before becoming dissatisfied. There is no accounting for personal tastes.

  5. Hi Guys,

    I have no idea if people really read the whole blog post, but all the way long I wrote about “My Experience” with that computer. I can’t blame anybody if they didn’t read the whole thing because it is probably much too long (personally I am not sure I would).

    So, as I said, it is my experience and it is the account of what didn’t work for me.

    However, what are the most useful reviews for Apple: the one that praise their works and say how their products are so great? Or the ones that tell them what doesn’t work for a customer?

    If, as a customer, I had problems with the laptop (design, quality, personal taste, etc), why I couldn’t talk about it and explain what goes wrong with my experience? It is what Apple is looking for at first: what goes wrong with their system.

    At least, I can say that as a system developer interacting with users, I care one hundred percent more about these reviews than the one that tells me how the system I develop is great. It is really appreciated when someone write a review that praise my work, but it doesn’t really help to enhance the experience of the users with the system.

    Today Robert Scoble wrote on his Web log: “But, I’m totally in Jason Calacanis’ corner here where he argues about how to change the system. Do what you can to improve someone’s life. That’s far preferable to what Dana Gardner argues for on the Gillmor Gang.”

    So, why Apple would not do what they can to improve my life? I wrote My experience with Their system, now they do what they want with my review. But why Apple shouldn’t care about my experience? But, is it only my experience of a “custom desktop”? What if I tell you that OpenLink bough tens of MacPro for their employees? Now, is it a single experience or the experience of an entire company? Now that I am not alone in the boat, should Apple care about what I described above?

    Take care,


  6. I personally think whoever Apple is buying their slot-loading DVD/CD drives from, they could stand to change sources because my iBook G4 is about to go on its fourth optical drive (fortunately I have Applecare).

    However, slot-loading drives can’t read small CDs…. that’s just how it is; if you don’t like that, don’t get a Mac because they have slot loading optical drives.

    I’ve never heard of any USB or Firewire external hard drive that required drivers. Did you not try to just plug it in? OS X should recognize it and offer to format it if it meets the standard USB mass storage specifications. I’ve bought many external hard drives and cases and never once used the driver that came with them. Same with USB flash drives and USB mice; you just plug them in and they work – no drivers needed.

  7. Hi Marcos,

    So it seems that they have the problem with more than one model. however, I never had any problems with the CD driver of my 12″ iBook.

    The goal wasn’t to talk about the HDD, but to give an example where you could need it. It is sure that this situation is rare and that I haven’t been lucky, but people (and companies) use this format of CD and in some situation it could be essential to have the hability to read them.

    Thanks for your comment,

    Take care,


  8. I just bought a Macbook Pro about 30 days ago, and the hard drive can’t find the system so now I am taking it in. I only thank God that I resently bought a 120 gb external hardrive called a Passport to put my photos on. Needless to say, I am not a happy camper. All I did what plug it into a friends Apple 20 inch display to see how my photos worked, then this. I agree about the heat, it gets hot sitting on your lap.
    The photos look fabulous on it and I checked everyone, really was reluctant to go back to a Mac after years of PCs. I really like a lot of things about a Mac don’t get me wrong. But I had so many software conflicts in the past experiences that I switched to PC’s. Thinking that that problems was fixed, I went a head and purchased one because showing photos are a main part on my business and the this laptop seemed to do the job great. Anyway I guess I am just bummed to have had problems already. Oh by the way this one was a refurbished 1.83 directly from Apple.

  9. Why did you bother to purchase a notebook? It sounds to me as though you are completely missing the point.

    You want to plug in “a mouse, a keyboard, a printer, an external hard drive and possibly (your) digital camera cable” but can’t figure out how to do that? Get a desktop.

    You want to play those mini CD’s but don’t like that the MacBook Pro won’t do that. Are you kidding me? How many do you have? One? Get a desktop.

    Don’t like the break-away power adapter? Clearly, you are new to using a notebook computer.

    Get yourself the right tool for your needs; a desktop!

  10. Hi Steven!

    I like the enthousiasm you had while writing this comment 🙂

    However, as I said in a previous comment: “TC: my client bought me this one for two reasons: (1) A Intel Mac to run both OSX and Windows XP and (2) Mobility. So it leaves you one choice: this machine”

    So it is why I couldn’t get a desktop: I needed mobility. In fact, I use laptops for about 4 years now, and I couldn’t get back to desktop (I need at least one laptop). Why? Because I work a lot in internet coffee and elsewhere than in my home.


    Take care,


  11. I just thought I’d leave a personal tip here: I’ve got a PowerBook G4 which has the same kind of CD drive, again making the loading of those silly mini-CDs impossible. If it’s absolutely necessary to access the information on the CD, I suppose one could always burn a copy of it onto a standard-sized CDR, even if that requires using a friend’s desktop computer. But besides that, I bought an external HD myself for to make backups, and no software that comes with such a purchase is necessary for a Mac. There’s a free program that anyone can download off the internet called Carbon Copy Cloner, and I’ve used it many times without any problems. Several other free applications for this purpose exist; it just takes a little research.

  12. Yes…given the comments by Fred, here, I’m glad that I didn’t buy an Intel Mac just yet. While they appear to be machines which pack a lotta punch & have great potential, I think these MacIntels, particularly the laptops, will take time to mature. That’s the way it’s always been with EVERY Apple product out there. The first releases of any model are supposed to promise Whiz-Bang performance, but never quite live up to their hype. They are rarely perfect and often have a long list of complaints. Then the next incarnation comes out (the bug-fix release) fixing the shortcomings of the first. But these usually don’t solve all of the problems they were intended to fix. The finally, a 3rd one is released, much better than the 1st and usually better than the 2nd. And finally, the 4th incarnation comes out, and it’s usually the very best one (probably 2-3 years from now). Unfortunately, these models are usually discontinued shortly afterwards (take the dual-core G5s as an example) and a completely brand new line comes out shortly after with its own set of bugs(maybe some 128-bit model will appear in the not-to-distant future), and a new cycle starts over again. Happens every time. Apple still hasn’t changed its business model from Day 1–Slash and burn is what I call it. Don’t get me wrong, I like Apple computers. In fact, I recently bought a G5 model right after they’d been discontinued. It’s been nothing but flawless performance since I bought it. A lovely, splendid model. I will keep this one in the family for a long time. Wish I’d been able to get my hands on a 2.7 Ghz quadcore G5. However, it’s too bad that they don’t make it anymore. Apparently, all those games manufacturers think these chips are so good, they even gobbled up Apple’s old share. I’d love to buy an Intel Mac laptop sometime down the road, but for the reasons that Fred has cited, I’m gonna wait at least a year.By then, there’ll be redesigned models, inside and out, which take the complaints of consumers like Fred into account.

  13. Hi Joe,

    Great comment. I totally agree with you. After a month, I finally like that new laptop. It is not perfect, some updates related with bugs (and not enhancement) have popuped-up in my update application. Waiting a year before buying a Intel Mac computer seems a good idea.




  14. Don’t buy one! I have been a mac user for at least 10 to 12 years and I have never had so many problems in my life with a mac. I agree Mac has a record of major software/hardware issue everytime they bring a new model out. I was in a position I had to buy another Mac when my old one crapped out!! I asked them to see if I could get an older model or rent one until my old one was fixed and I couldn’t. SO I had to buy the most recent model. I am currently reinstalling the whole system. It is critical for me to have a computer, specifically mac as I own a graphic design studio. First I have to say most all the design software has NOT been updated for this model. Something to do with Microsoft, Adobe and Apple. Whatever…they should know that most of their audience is many design users and if the design software doesn’t work what good is it!!! I am taking it in yet again, ugh. So some advice….if you want one to play around with then fine but don’t buy one for work they are not dependable. Wait until 2 or 3 years down the road they should be much better hopefully! I was such a Mac lover for years and now it’s questionable.

  15. Seth dude settle down lol.

    Anyway yeah i can see alot of your issues would be frustrating, but honestly they aren’t that major n i wouldn’t blame them on apple. I would blame the warping macs, grainy screens and heat on apple. But seriously, they’ve all been almost completely fixed.

    And anyway, if thats all you can find wrong with a laptop thats pretty damn good (talking about your problems).

    When i bought my pc. And i am very pc fluent, it took me atleast 2 weeks to finish setting up my pc. Pc’s are so damn picky, i love macs, they just work. And if they dont u have those apple centers u can take them into, pc laptops dont have that kind of support, they lack the community.

    Plus, macs look better, run better, and do more than pc’s. I do love the pc, i just love the mac more. And look man with this macbook pro atleast you have a community to complain to, imagine u get these problems (and u would get atleast minor problems like that) with another pc laptop, say the toshiba “insert model name here”. Who are you going to complain to? all 20 people that have this laptop will care. Sometimes variety sucks, and with computers it definately does.

    Mac has 3 types of macbook pros, there will always be people there trying to fix the problems and help the community, this does happen with pc’s, but its nowhere near as prominent as it is with macs.

    Also upgradeabiltity is overrated, macs really do stand the test of time better than pc’s.

    Yes i’m a mac lover 😛
    but not biased 😎

    neway congratz on ur new macbook pro n ciao

  16. I am having a problem as my NEW Mac Book Pro will not even recognize any CDs, this includes the new IWork, when I install it, it just kicks it right back after making some appropriate noises that lets me believe it may be reading the disc! But, no, it just slides right back at me? Can you help!

  17. Hi Linda,

    This is probably the same problem as I had. So it is probably broken. The only thing you have to do is taking your apple care plan and to change it for a new one in a local Apple retailer.

    Hope you good luck,

    Take care,



  18. Hi Fred, interesting page, if a bit ‘niggly’ – I don’t see most of the things you mention as problems. I have been nothing but delighted with mine. However, it’s your page, and I do _definitely_ agree with you about the open switch. It’s the first piece of the laptop you use every time you get it out and it’s not up to the job really. It’s too small and feels cheap.

  19. Hi All,

    I have to say that with the latest patch from apple for the Intel powerbook, everything is running smoothly. They finally fixed the sleeping mode on the laptop. I also upgraded Parallel with the latest version (remember, I need both Windows and OSX) and it is now much smoother too on the Intel.

    So, it took time, but I think they are slowly reaching a stable product, at least, related to softwares 🙂

    Take care,


  20. Hi All,

    Another comment about those small DVD’s. I have a Canon camcorder that records to those DVD’s and cant read them on my Macbook Pro. Bit of a downer on a machine/OS designed for image/video processing.

    And these camcorders are becomming very common – at least here in darkest Africa 😉

    (Richard’s Bay, South Africa)

  21. Hi All,

    thanks for a great eye-opening page.

    a few hours ago i returned my 24 hours old MacBook Pro 17” because it didn’t close properly. another problem was that each time i moved the laptop when it was opened the screen would fall to an almost closing position.

    the screen was not stable, or should i say shaking with each touch.
    in comparison to IBM, HP, Toshiba or Compac it looked as though it was made of the most delicate stuff, which would not stand the test of airports x-rays and travelling, to mention only one fear i had about its fragility.

    i managed to get another machine and it was just the same.

    i wonder if anyone had the same experience.


  22. Well guy i don’t know about you in the US but here in the UK the Mini DVD Cam-corders are very popular therefore, there are a lot of mini CD’s and mini DVDs on the market, also many companies use them for marketing purpose and business people use the famous Business CD cards

    All that is impossible to see unless you have and external DVD drive or a PC around

    i hope apple or pioneer invent the same type or CD/DVD drive that can work with small cd’s and business cards as well as normal size DVDs

  23. hi
    been thinking of getting myself a powerbook or an ibook, not sure yet, I am an illustrator and move a lot so I will need a computer to work on on the move, Dell or Apple, not sure yet…

    Its strage the DVD drive doesnt load miniCDs, when there is drives just like it that do. I just got a Nintendo Wii and it can load standart Dvds and small size gamecube discs, so I am not sure why dont Apple change it.
    If you didnt buy an apple, what other laptop would you get?

  24. I would like to know what the “.ktext” workaround for the heat on the macbook pro is if anyone has figured it out. also, i have a camera that records to mini-DVD and am looking for a way to use on my computer to edit. can i upgrade DVD drive? Purchase an external DVD-RW? any suggestions are welcome.


  25. I’m a first time mac user. Being a PC guy in a business full of Macs forced me to get a MBP. I too was thinking about running bootcamp to have multiple uses on my new beautiful, flashy, and hip machine. The reason why most of us PC folks bought one is so that we can run windows or linux on it. So far so good on my MBP, The “hip” novelty wears off soon and then you just have a machine that works most of the time.
    I like OSX, but it’s buggy and there are still conflicts w/ hardware. They don’t run/test the machines they ship out or else they wouldn’t have a lot of these out of the box lemons people are reporting. And because they are the only game in town to fix your mac, we are at the mercy of the company.

    Apple put a dent in the PC market because of this new machine, but I feel that it will revert back to it’s single digit market share if it doesn’t fix it’s problems quick. Apple is to small to be the monopoly it wants to be with all of it’s proprietary protectionism, but still has that quirky Peoples Temple like base to keep it going for now.

  26. HI,
    I found this blog while trying to find a way to install some drivers from a Mini CD.
    I bought a Macbook Pro recently and have not been very impressed: The start button doesnt return to its place after pressing, the sound/speakers are quite poor, the bluetooth mouse moves very slowly even when settings for ‘fast’ are selected. So far, after just a few months of use, I think this is an average laptop, and the price tag isnt justified. Much less when you can’t run mini cds!

  27. about the mini CD!!! wake up people… simple as you could get… just copy the contents to a diferent media… like an ordinary CD using a different computer. No?! it works for me

    problem solver not problem maker… machines are a problem we are the solution 😉

  28. RE: am
    [quote comment=”46497″]about the mini CD!!! wake up people… simple as you could get… just copy the contents to a diferent media… like an ordinary CD using a different computer. No?! it works for me

    problem solver not problem maker… machines are a problem we are the solution ;)[/quote]

    …and if the CD/DVD drive fails, just buy an external optical drive and plug it in. Problem solved! And if the display should fail, just use the VGA output and use an external monitor. Problem solved!

  29. I am considering buying a Macbook Pro 17″ and am very close to it and thus am very grateful for all the comments that I read here. To summarise:
    1. The machine heats up too hot to place it on your lap. (so it is not really a laptop!)
    2. The screen does not fold back properly so that you can use it in a flat position.
    3. The mini cds do not play.
    4. I read elsewhere that the paint on the keys wears off and then looks scrappy.
    These are enough problems to put me off completely so I will be checking elsewhere to see if people think that the overheating problem has really been solved.
    Fred, I would be interested to hear your opinions on the above points and appreciate your efforts in informing us all about your own criticisms, all of which incidently I find perfectly legitimate. Apple have got themselves a niche market and it is only when the customers (us) stand speak out that they are forced to maintain the standards that they started out with.

  30. Hi Kenneth,

    Well, I think you outlined everything just fine. In fact, I didn’t used this laptop for some time now, so I have nothing to change vis-a-vis what I said earlier. Possibly that some issues have been resolved in the new version of the laptop, so people should do further research to see what people have to say about the latest version.

    Otherwise I unfortunately nothing have to say about it, at least, at the moment.

    Thanks for passing by.

    Take care,


  31. hey everybody,
    i got a macbook pro 2.4 15″ from 2 months ago, i just
    love it!!!
    but my only problem is the screen lid, it’s uneven and it doesn’t close flat …..i think maya have the same problem..
    i went to the dealer and explained the problem he showed me around 20 macbook pros with the same problem…. after a long talk they agreed to replace the cover of the screen and the screen if they had to, but when i asked them if the replacement parts are new they told me “apple sends us the parts and they may be used (or in good condition)”… i decided not to open my macbook pro…i think 80% if not all of macbook pros have the same problem and don’t care…

  32. i think 80% if not all of macbook pro USERS* have the same problem and don’t care…

  33. Ok you bought a 15 inch macbook it comes with two usb ports whilst the 17 inch comes with three apples has listed on there site usb hubs did you consider that. Also what about reviews.

    Yes for me personally the mac runs hot at times. But I know if its going to run hot i put on some cool pants and sit where the fan or some good breeze is blowing it stops the mac from runnin hot all laptops need to breathe so i can expect that from any computer running hot.

    Mini CD/DVDs mini camcorders still use them they are popular in best store and circuit town stores around the world. But you can always use a external dvd / cd slot drive the same as you use an external harddrive i am sure you have one.

    With every set of lumber, pen or paper there is a bad stock but what’s bad about it is that you know it is bad and dont try to make the best out of the product. Like write about the solutions to the problem and how you worked around it. I live in the bahamas Apple is to far for me to send any system back so i made sure make it work for me until i am able to send it back if its an extreme must

    thats my five cents.

    now what about yours.

  34. I agree. How about it gets so hot that it crashes? That Apple wanted these notebooks to appear quieter than others, so they have the default when the fan goes on to when it’s so hot you could almost burn yourself? The USB ports drive me nuts though. Apple has always had an elegant way of designing computers, but this MBP when you actually fully use it looks cluttered and junky. Try attaching an external monitor, use both USB ports, have it plugged in, and have Firewire connected? Looks like it’s on lifesupport with all the cables in view. With most notebooks, the cables are out of site.

    Hey Apple, why don’t you have a commercial showing people actually being productive and using the ports?

    I love parts of OSX, but can’t stand the hardware. I’m going back to PC after this. Not Vista mind you. LOL

  35. Hello,
    I just got my MBP, and I agree with the design problem about the small CDs; I can not install the options of my new mous cause it came with this type of CDs …. that’s how I found your blog … nice review anyway … 🙂

  36. Hi

    I have a mac book pro and i have never had any problems with it, i use cd drive often always seems fine and i suppose the design features just relate to certain people, like the open button is fine for me. It’s a nice peace of kit.

    People moan about the lack of usb ports on it, well just get a usb hub or do what i do have wireless mice and keyboard and even printer. Saves wires. Also the guy mentions about the magnetic power cable, so what. I charge my computer when it’s on the desk or in a stable place.

    I think the pro is a wonderful machine the only thing i wish they would change is the closing clips, they should make it like the Macbook, magnetic than it would tidy that up a bit.


  37. Guys, some of the so-called design flaws were only occuring in the very first Macbook Pro’s; while the others are hardly flaws per say.

    In a professional environment, you hardly use your DVD drive, you hardly have multiple USB stuffs plugged in; because most of your stuffs go through your LAN. I can’t recall the last time I actually needed my DVD drive, and the only times I need an USB slot is to plug in a memory stick or alike.

    From my own personnal experience, the Macbook Pro is a great machine, much better than any other (PC) laptop I’ve ever had, in terms of design (including that lovely magnetic plug, and the keyboard’s backlight) and stability (OS X is just great). The whole deal of installing Windows under bootcamp and/or parallels might be a bit complicated, and takes time (especially when you’ve never done it before) but so would it on pretty much any other laptop, Apple made or not.

    I hardly agree with most of what’s been said here in terms of cons, except maybe the lack of quality to Apple’s DVD drives (I’m not talking about the useless mini CD/DVDs here) since I’ve experienced some troubles myself with a brand new iMac.

    You should give the Macbook Pro a chance, and surely not base your decision on posts which came from back to 2006, while the current design is alike, many flaws have been fixed. (but I had that first Macbook Pro myself for a while, I never experienced major troubles). I think that, as often with Apple, the “consumer target” is misunderstood just like it is/was with their Macbook Air. Apple’s segment is not (and will probably never be) on huge heavy laptops with 10 USB slots and all the most-often useless crap available.

  38. Dude, about the whole 2 USB ports, all u really have to do is get a wireless mouse, keyboard and a printer. They all could use Bluetooth to hook them up.Also, Ur probably not always going to have your digital camera plugged in. In reply to your overheating problem, The best way to keep it from overheating is to NOT use directly on your knees. use a small, thin wood board under the laptop to keep it from overheating.

  39. Fred –

    Are you still using the MacBook?

    Have the initial teething issues continued or faded?

    I went from mainframes (with a brief detour thru MS-DOS) pretty much directly to Macs 20 years ago. Very happy. Now on 17th machine (for family of 3).

    When I’m forced to use Windows, I find it to be a rude shock since things are just so DIFFERENT.

    I call it the “I drive a Chevy & Fords are junk.” syndrome.

  40. Hi David!

    Well, I barely use it now. Last thing that happen is that the battery stopped working (can’t charge it anymore, not even for a single second).

    Otherwise I am using a iMac 24″ now, once I got a new wireless card (was broken before getting out of the box), one month later, I am happy with it. However, because of the development work I do, I use both OSX and Windows on this machine, using Parallel. This setting works great for me, but I cannot say what my next computer will be 🙂



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