To know how Talk Digger fit into the Services-Web dimension, we have to know how user and systems can interact with Talk Digger functionalities. We have to remember that the Services-Web dimension is the Web of functionalities: how human and machines can play with the functionalities of a system?

Talk Digger web services

At the time I write this article, no web services are available for Talk Digger. There is only an interface users can use to play (add, modify and remove) their data in the system.

Talk Digger users doesn’t have the freedom of choice when come the time to manage the data they put in the system. They are bound to the existing user interface.

Right now, all the data created by a user is publicly available (if wanted by the user) in many ways: RDF documents supported by the use of ontologies like FOAF, SIOC etc., via RSS feeds and OPML files. However, all these things belong to the next Web: the Data-Web.

So, what about the Services-Web? When Talk Digger users will have the freedom to choose the user interface they wish to interact with the system?


In a near future, web services will be available to developers to let them create other web services or software to interact with Talk Digger system. Such web services will let them:


  • Manage users profile (FOAF) hosted on Talk Digger
  • Retrieve tracking list with new in-bound links and new comments for each item
  • Add new tracks to users tracking list
  • Monitoring what a user’s friends are tracking and commenting in the system
  • Etc.


Then users will have the entire freedom to play with the data they create with the tools they want.

In the next article, we will see how Talk Digger will fit into the third dimension of the Web: the Data-Web.


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