Revision 1.02 of the Music Ontology: a first crystallization of the ontology


Since about a month people are looking at the Music Ontology; they talk about it; they revise it; and they give suggestions. The revision 1.02 of the ontology as been possible by all their comments and suggestions. It should be a good compromise for all users’ visions.

As I previously explained in one of my blog post, the FRBR Final Report has been use as the ground for the ontology. It describes musical entities and their relationship.


Finally the revision 1.02 is the first “crystallization” of the Music Ontology. Now people can certainly start to use it into their FOAF profile. Artists can start to describe themselves, their musical group, their musical creations, etc. Music stores could start to export the content of their inventory using the ontology. Internet radio could certainly start to gives information about the tracks they stream.

If you are interested in participating in the elaboration of that ontology, I would encourage you to subscribe to its mailing list. I would like to thank everybody subscribed to this mailing list since this new revision wouldn’t has been possible without their insightful comments and suggestions.


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3 thoughts on “Revision 1.02 of the Music Ontology: a first crystallization of the ontology

  1. It’s a pity there’s no class for Folk – the ontology has Country, Jazz, Funk and World categories, but calling Folk ‘World’ music is like calling Country music ‘world’ music. Otherwise it’s a great concept.

    Jerry (Fiddler, Full Circle Band)

  2. Hi Jerry,

    I took these major categories on Wikipedia as seed ones. However I will check that for the next revision planned for the next week.


    Take care,


  3. Thaks Fred – keep up the good work 🙂


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