I am pleased to announce that we finally put online the Zitgist.com website. Some more information about the future service is available there. People can start to link to zitgist.com when referring to this coming semantic web search engine. Eventually people will be able to fill a subscription form to get a private account to test the alpha version of the service. Finally a developer wiki will be available to explains how people should describe their content in RDF for a better indexation into the system, how their could take advantage of Zitgist, how they can interact with it, etc.

Also check out the new logo for the Music Ontology. This is one more step to brand the Music Ontology and help its adoption among people, companies and the community.

One thought on “Zitgist.com website now online

  1. Hi Fred,

    Congratulations on this meaningful milestone. I like the look of the beginning site so far, and look forward to more content as it gets posted.

    Might I be the first one to “officially” request access to the alpha release? I would also encourage you to get the online form up sooner rather than later. Both Parakey and Freebase have used this approach to some benefit in getting buzz.

    Thanks, Mike

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