Starting of a New Era

More than three months ago I announced the creation of Structured Dynamics LLC. Since then I stayed mute on my blog because I was too busy doing research, software and business development for this new venture with Mike. However things are moving fast here; and now is the time to start talking about some of the technical stuff we have been working on for about five months now.

I am not announcing anything right now, and won’t for the next couple of months neither. As you are probably expecting, we are working on some products and services. I can say that everything will be released in the open source domain under the Apache 2 license. However I won’t say anything else about this thing.

But, what I will do in the following days, weeks and months is to start talking about the underlying technologies of this system and about methods we used to solve some of our problems. There won’t be any particular order, so I will only talk about interesting stuff we found when it pleases me. We think we are making some useful advances, especially on the architectural and design side, and look forward to sharing what we are learning with you.

Stay tuned!