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I live for my passions. If something doesn’t empassionat me, I just don’t undertake it. I do not have time to lose on something that leaves me indifferent.

The foundation of my passions is my curiosity. Sometime I wonder if my curiosity is boundless. If I ask myself a question, any question, I always have to find an answer, I have to know, regardless of the price. Thanks to that curiosity, and the discoveries it leads me to, my passions are born.
Some people say that we have to check someone’s library to know who he or she really is. It’s true, but I would add that we also have to try to discover the person’s passions, the things that make him or her live and that forge their personality.

I invite you to discover who I am, to find the things that have forged my personality, my character, my way to live and think. This way, you will not only have a physical or professional portrait of Fred, but also a personal portrait of Fred... the portrait of one man among many others.

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