Some reasons why passion is infectious

Some reasons why passion is infectious

I discovered this blog some days ago: Passionate- Create passionate users. They got the point. More important, they transmit it to you without efforts. So I finished reading one of their past posts entitled: Passion is Infectious. What a beautiful peace of work. It’s funny to see how thousands of years of survival in a wild world can be used in your daily life. If I remember right some books that I read and courses that I attend, years ago, on psychology and brain, we, humans, mimic for some natural reasons. First, because it take less energy (remember, basically humans are passive creatures, we are, unconsciously, trying to do the minimum to preserve our vital energy; another inheritance of our old days.). The second factor is a social psychology one: to be like our peers. Why do we need to be like our peers? Like it or not, it’s to have social acceptance. As socials creatures, it’s more than important to be accepted by our fellows. Even the hard cores anti-socials need companionship; but they will never say it.

As describe in Passion is Infectious, you can and you should take this fact in consideration to upgrade your average daily moods. It’s a little hack that you can, somewhat, easily do.

One of the best examples of passionate that transmit easily their passion is the Moleskine community. They are passionate and, unconsciously, we, their readers, tend to mimic them. This result in a seed of passion in us for Moleskines. Is there a better marketing tool then evangelization(consciously or not) of your product by passionate users? I don’t think so.

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