A week later, a journalist of TVA enters LG2 without being intercepted.

There are some updates on yesterday news. Mr. Caillé knew that Radio Canada would broadcast this report for more than a week. Yesterday a journalist of TVA, another French Canadian news network, had entered in LG2, without being seen. They explored the site for about 2 hours; they entered a repair shop, found blue print plans and Hydro-Quebec trucks with keys on the starter. It’s unbelievable. What do they need to do the make them react? Do they need to put bombs at LG2? If I’m going there tomorrow, will I be able to go anywhere I want without seeing any security agents and enter every door I see (because they are virtually all unlocked)? It’s not a game; it’s serious: they need to do something. These people, these administrators, don’t seem to understand what is going on, what?s the treat. We don’t live in wonderlands. Is 9/11 already forgotten? Did we learn anything from this event? …I can’t believe it.

Video report of TVA (french)

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