I have been really busy in the last weeks. In fact, it is since I started to develop Talk Digger. Once the design was finished, the only thing I had to do is to program it: a technical task that only take time. All my time was spent to develop it, debug it, and to finish some other pending contracts.

I like to read and I read a lot. I learned the power of reading over time. When I was child, I was like any other kids: reading is for others. I needed to work in a Library to start liking books, what they smell and look likes, to start to read. Since then, I buy and read at least a book per week: science-fiction, management, combative, psychology, polar, suspense, politic, anything.

The current fact is that I was not able to read that book in the last weeks. The way my mind think changed, my ideas and visions flowed differently. The mind is a muscle: the tasks you will perform will make it think differently. It is why an engineer will not think like a sociologist.

Now I need to take some time to read, read books and articles. I need to train my mind to think differently, to see thinks in another angle. That way I will be able to focus on problems with a new eye, to try to find new type of solutions to the current problems I try to resolve. I need to make a mind shift.

Some days ago, NewScientist published an article called “Most scientific papers are probably wrong”. Slashdot reported that a senior editor of a scientific journal says that scientists are already aware of this:

“When I read the literature, I’m not reading it to find proof like a textbook. I’m reading to get ideas. So even if something is wrong with the paper, if they have the kernel of a novel idea, that’s something to think about.”

All the vision in a single phrase: it is all about finding ideas. It is exactly why I like to read science-fiction books: because it is a way to find new ideas. When reading, you mind think about all the stuff you read and try to correlate it with the other knowledge you have. This correlation will let new ideas, related or not with what you are reading, emerge. This is the exact reason why science-fiction books are so important in my creative process: this is an entertaining way to find new ideas, to train me brain differently.

Let begin that new training program with a book called “Grammatical Man, information, entropy, language and life” by Jeremy Campbell

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