I make many changes to Talk Digger in the last days:

  1. A new item preview feature
  2. A new “choose the search engines you want see the results” feature
  3. A new host server
  4. A new classification of available services

I worked some days to make all these things happen. You can see them as major updates to the system. Many things changed, internally into the system, and externally for the users. I will tweak some other things in the next days related with some display glitches in the results returned by some search engines.

Now, we will take a look at these news upgrades.

1. A new item preview feature

This new feature now permits to Talk Digger users to see an item result into the current Talk Digger’s interface. That way, you have access to the full information without quitting Talk Digger, or opening a new browser window.

How to use that new feature? It is quite simple. The only thing you have to do is to click on the “[Preview]” link that appears beside all returned results. The first time you click on it, the preview will appear at the bottom of the result. If you click on that link a second time, you will close the previously opened preview.

2. A new “choose the search engines you want see the results” feature

If you take a look at the menu items at the top of Talk Digger’s website, you will see a new “OPTIONS” item. If you go to that “options” page, you will see a list a checkboxes. If a checkbox is checked, then the results of that search engine will be included into Talk Digger. If you uncheck the checkbox, the results of that search engine will not be included into Talk Digger.

This option is really useful because you now have the possibility to include and/or exclude the search engines you do not like, or the ones that have problems, or the ones that are slow.

Do not worries, as soon as you check or uncheck a checkbox, Talk Digger take care of your new preferences. This is why there is no “save preferences” button.

In the above example, the results of these search engines will be returned and displayed on Talk Digger: Bloglines, BlogPulse, Feedster, and Blogdigger.

3. A new host server

I hosted talkdigger.com on a new web server. The first phase of the project was hosted on my blog’s web server. It was not really convenient, but it worked. Now it will fix some things and be more reliable. It also gives me much more power to think about new things to implement into Talk Digger.

The current result of that upgrade: no more web site redirecting. However, I will leave the http://fgiasson.com/td/ online (without the new “options” feature) for my Chinese friends that have some problems to access the domain name talkdigger.com

4. A new classification of available services

I did a little classification in the search engines. You now have 3 different sections in 3 different colors: (1) the social search engines like Technorati, (2) the feeds search engine like PubSub, and (3) the traditional search engines like Google.

5. Conclusion

So, I hope that you will enjoy these new features. It is possible that the migration of Talk Digger on the new web server cause some problems. So, if you have some problems with some of the Talk Digger’s functionalities, please leave me a note and I will fix it as soon as possible.

If you are using the RSS feature, you can change the feeds’ URL from “fgiasson.com/td/” to “talkdigger.com”.

Finally, if you have any suggestions to continue to upgrade Talk Digger, leave me a comment or an email and I will answer you with a great pleasure πŸ™‚

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11 thoughts on “Many upgrades to Talk Digger in the last days

  1. Hi Ivan,

    For sure that I will add it to Talk Digger.

    I am currently in Vancouver with a client until the 24 September. When I will come back in Quebec, I will check to add it with some other search services.

    Thank for the input!



  2. Fred! If its possible – please add “OR” operator.
    For search pages with 2 or more alias url.

    Like in classic search machines.

  3. Hi Mr. Illyn,

    Good and interesting idea, I take a note of it. I have no idea when I will implement it, but I will. I have the head full of ideas of future features. Keep reading this blog and you will have some hints soon.

    Take care,



  4. Just this morning I recommended your site to someone in Germany. You are the best. Thanks for making it even better.

  5. I have the head full of ideas too. πŸ™‚

    Think about the my next idea πŸ™‚

    Me it seems it is possible to make Google Sidebar Plug-in.
    For seeing in the real time talkdigger search results.

    You look page – you see where they speak about it, in your Sidebar
    You go and read if it is required.

    Mechanics is such:

    1) You surfing
    2) Sidebar Plug-in sees page-url
    3) Awaits… 10-15 seconds (only really reading pages be checked)
    4) Check page url in talkdigger
    5) And show links in your Sidebar

    Also, I speak immediately – it is necessary to make a mechanism of the group of the results of those obtained from the different search-machines. Or on the server side. Or on the computers of users side. Results to unite for the group not all. Only to obtain pieces 10-15 maximum of references. More simply in the interface Plug-in will not be accommodated for the conclusion.

    What you will say?

  6. Hi Mr. Illyn,

    Really good idea for sure πŸ™‚

    The only problem I have is the time. I have some many things on my todo-list in the next week/months that I do not really know when I could do such a plugin for the google sidebar. However, I take good note of the idea and eventually check to do something with it πŸ™‚




  7. Something still

    As it seems me, it is necessary to in time divide site on 2 parts.

    1) Clean and simple design. For those, who want simply to know: where they speak “about”.
    In this case even indication of search machines – excess.

    2) Design with the mass of additional possibilities. This for the researchers and the enthusiasts.

    It is possibly necessary to make 2 different bookmarklets.
    Those leading to the different styled site.

  8. Hi Mr. Illyn,

    What about an interface so simple that both would do what they want with it? I think that this is the summon for user interfaces, a sort of dream. However, I try to check what I can do about it πŸ™‚ I know it is really not perfect, and I will perform some change in the future to try to tend toward that goal.




  9. Fred, while you did working, Google almost done it. πŸ™‚ Almost it made. Plus-minus.

  10. Hi Ivan!

    Longtime πŸ™‚

    Yup I know. It is not really a “problem”. First it is for firefox, second it is from bloggers.com one and finally, check out what I’ll do with Talk Digger πŸ˜‰



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