Since Mike and I first released UMBEL in 2007, we have not stopped working on it: we have done much research, we defined its concepts and principles, we designed and created it:

the ontology and the instantiation of its subject concepts, abstract concepts, semsets and named ontologies. We intensified our efforts in the last six months so that we nearly worked full time on this project.

We are now starting to release more documentation about the outcome of our work so far. Mike starts to release a really good series of blog posts describing the grounding of this effort. The first blog post that has been published is called A re-Introduction of UMBEL – Part 1 of 4 on foundations of UMBEL. This blog post explains the foundation concepts of UMBEL.

Later this week he will publish three other blog posts that explains what UMBEL adds to Linked Data, how named entities are integrated in this framework and finally how UMBEL relates to its older brother: Cyc and OpenCyc.

So stay tuned on Mike’s blog to read the series of four blog posts that put the basis to future releases and discussions about UMBEL and Linked Data.

Next development of UMBEL

In mean time, we continue our hard work to release the first draft of the UMBEL ontology and a first version of the instantiation of its subject concepts, its abstract concepts, its named entities and their related semsets. Also we will release a first mapping between UMBEL’s subject concepts and related external ontologies classes along with the proper grounding documentation that explains all the things evolved with these instantiations, these linkages and the UMBEL ontology itself.

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