For this New Year, Mike and I wanted to introduce our new venture: Structured Dynamics LLC.

Structured Dynamics is dedicated to assist enterprises and non-profit organizations and projects to adopt Web-accessible and interoperable data.  The basic premise is that the data itself becomes the application:  by virtue of its structure, information can be combined, inferred, analyzed, filtered by tag or facet, queried, searched, reported, templated or visualized.  A suite of Web services provides these capabilities, generalized to be driven by the structure of the input data itself.

Structured Dynamics supports both open and proprietary data, including the extraction of structure from fully structured data (RDF), from conventional structured data (such as relational databases), from unstructured (text) data, and from semi-structured (metadata, tags and mark-up) sources.  SD’s professional services include:

  • Linked data training and education
  • Project evaluation and planning
  • Legacy data conversions
  • Vocabulary (ontology) development and mapping
  • Named entity (instance) dictionary creation
  • Information extraction, and
  • Architectural design, development and deployment assistance.

 Structured Dynamics is platform- and language-neutral, though all of our services are based on open source software.  Mike and I have been advocates of linked data done right as our frequent and oft-cited blog posts attest.

You can read the whole story here and here.

Structured Dynamics and Zitgist

For the past 2 years and a half I put all my time, energy, efforts and knowledge in developing Zitgist LLC‘s products and services. During all that time I had to opportunity to work with a great company (OpenLink Software Inc.); with Kingsley and its dedicated team; and with the best database management system that I had the chance to use (a Swiss knife that let you do anything with any kind of data): Virtuoso.

However life is full of events. It is these events that forge someone’s life. The creation of Structured Dynamics is one of these events; just like Zitgist was.

I am really grateful to OpenLink and Kingsley.

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