The last few months have been challenging in term of amount of work to get done, in focusing on deliverables and in getting ready for the release of conStruct and structWSF sources codes, documentations, tutorials, web sites and demos.

I am now really happy to be able to finally announce the release of both software code sources along with a new development community website where users and developers can exchange ideas about these two news projects.

The biggest milestone of the last months is now behind us. However, this is just the beginning of everything!

I think that many things have been written about these two projects already. I don’t want to write any tutorial at this point. So the only thing I will do right now is to point you the more relevant documentation, web sites, blog posts and demos about each project. The next step will be to write about specific use cases, features, etc.

Community Web Site

The community Web site is a place where developers and users of structWSF and conStruct can meet to talk about both projects, to report bugs and issues, to submit new enhancements, to find tips and tricks, etc.

I would suggest you to create a new user profile on the community Web site if you are interested in communicating with other members.


structWSF is a platform-independent Web services framework for accessing and exposing structured RDF data. Its central organizing perspective is that of the dataset. These datasets contain instance records, with the structural relationships amongst the data and their attributes and concepts defined via ontologies (schema with accompanying vocabularies).

The structWSF middleware framework is generally RESTful in design and is based on HTTP and Web protocols and open standards. The initial structWSF framework comes packaged with a baseline set of about a dozen Web services in CRUD, browse, search and export and import. All Web services are exposed via APIs and SPARQL endpoints. Each request to an individual Web service returns an HTTP status and optionally a document of resultsets. Each results document can be serialized in many ways, and may be expressed as either RDF or pure XML.


conStruct is a distro of the Drupal framework that aims to set a new standard in data integration and as a structured content system (SCS). With conStruct, you can let your data and its structure drive your applications. You can easily interoperate your diverse internal information with public content on the Web. And you can leverage a platform designed from the ground up for knowledge management and collaboration.

7 thoughts on “Release of structWSF, conStruct and the Community Web Site

  1. Is this project depends from Virtuoso ?

  2. Hi Vladimir!

    structWSF is independent in term of triple stores. This means that any triple stores that has the needed capabilities could be used.

    However, as we speak, only Virtuoso is currently fully supported. In the coming months, other triples stores will be added as well, and the DB connectivity & SPARQL querying layers will be updated according to these new additions. However, we structWSF is an architecture that has no strict bounding to any piece of software. If something goes wrong with a product, another one could replace it.

    Hope this helps,



  3. Hi, Fred!
    Thanks for answer & helicopter 😉

    For me, problem of Virtuoso is in a special installation to server. It’s problem for ordinary hostings (php5 MySQL). Has conStruct can be installated to average host ?

  4. Hi Vladimir!

    Well, I would think that ARC2 MySQL could be used as a triple store for structWSF. The problem is that not all functionalities needed are supported by this kind of triple store. So, this would mean that some of the features should be dropped, or some of the endpoints should be modified to make it working with such a triple store.

    Yes conStruct can be installed on any host that support LAMP Drupal. conStruct is only a Drupal module that you install. If you have access to a remote structWSF, then you will be able to plug it into that structWSF instance and leverage the whole thing.

    Thanks for your questions about this stuff!

    Take care,


  5. Hi, Fred!

    Have you exaple of ARC2 MySQL and structWSF integration?

  6. Hi!

    Right now, ARC2 is only used for offline RDF processing. So, it is not integrated with any MySQL databases. Also, we are only supporting Virtuoso right now, and a new connectivity layer should be created to support other triple stores systems (differences in sparql syntaxes, differences in terms of capabilities, etc).


    Take care


  7. Hi, Fred!
    What about integration with ARC2?

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