umbel_medium.pngI am pleased to announce that we resumed our work with UMBEL. We just released the version v0.72, which is based on the OpenCyc version 2009-01-31. This new version is intermediary and has been created mostly to check the evolution of OpenCyc vis-à-vis UMBEL. Within the next month or so, we will release a new version (v.080), which will introduce a major new concept that should help systems and users manipulating the entire UMBEL Subject Concepts structure.

For them who want to know what changed between versions v071 and v072, here is CVS file that list all the changes between the versions. There are four columns: (1) source node, (2) attribute, (3) target node and (4) version number. This file list all triples that are present in a version, but not in the other. So, you have all changes (nodes & arcs) between the two versions. Mostly all the changes come from internal changes to OpenCyc. We did fix a couple of things such as removing cycles in the graph, etc. But 99% of the changes come from changes within OpenCyc.

Finally note that the web services endpoints will be updated with this new version of UMBEL subject concepts in the coming week along with the dereferencing of their URIs. Stay tuned!

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