Christmas is coming: it is November next week; all leaves have fallen; big snowfalls are coming… but Christmas is not there yet! We have plenty of things to do before being able to settle down, for a few days, for Christmas.It has been some time since we last released new code related to OSF (Open Semantic Framework). It has also been some time since we last released new demos too.

However, this year, gifts will be delivered before Christmas. We are planning to release a multiple of things in the next two months, and I will personally restart blogging more often about this stuff.

structWSF & construct

The last release versions of structWSF and conStruct have been released in June. Since then, we updated some code in the dev branches of the SVNs, but plenty of code yet has to be released for conStruct. Expect a new official release of both products in November.


As mentioned in this press release, we will release two brand new versions of UMBEL (v080 and then v1) before the end of December. These will be major releases of the UMBEL vocabulary and its related reference concepts structures. There will also be other new goodies that I cannot mention here as I write.

Semantic Component Library

The Semantic Component Library is the product that changed the most in the last few months. It got heavily updated because of its usage in different projects. Some new semantic components will be released, but more importantly, existing components get heavily updated as well with new features, bug fixes, etc.


Some of our clients should release demo websites before Christmas. Most of them heavily leverage the Semantic Components that got integrated in conStruct and that are interacting with structWSF instances to get the proper data to display.

These will give some good examples on how these different tools can be used, and how heavily they can be skinned to properly get integrated in different kind of Web portals.

I will naturally write about these, when the come available, on this blog.


We are updating the TechWiki documentation weekly. However, expect more new developer related documentation before Christmas. More precisely, we will write more documentation that explains the internal architecture and minding with structWSF and conStruct.

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