I am happy to announce the immediate availability of the Open Semantic Framework version 3.0.1. This new version includes a set of fixes to different components of the framework in the last few months.The biggest addition is the new OSF Installer which will deploy OSF on Ubuntu LTS 14.04 servers. triple_120

A Community Effort

This new release of the OSF Installer is an effort of the growing Open Semantic Framework community. The upgrade of the installer to deploy the OSF stack on the lastest Ubuntu Long Term Support (LTS) version 14.04 has been created by William (Bill) Anderson.

Samar Acharya also suggested to decouple the PHP5 Debian packages from the core OSF Installer repository to cope with the support of future version of Ubuntu or other Linux distributions. This led to the creation of the new OSF-Installer-Ext repository, which is only used to host these distribution specific files like the PHP5 Debian files.

Upgrading Existing Installations

Existing OSF installations can be upgraded using the OSF Installer. The first thing is to upgrade the installer itself:

[cc lang=”bash”]
# Upgrade the OSF Installer

Then you can upgrade the components using the following commands:

[cc lang=”bash”]
# Upgrade the OSF Web Services
./usr/share/osf-installer/osf –upgrade-osf-web-services=”3.0.1″

# Upgrade the OSF WS PHP API
./usr/share/osf-installer/osf –upgrade-osf-ws-php-api=”3.0.1″

# Upgrade the OSF Tests Suites
./usr/share/osf-installer/osf –upgrade-osf-tests-suites=”3.0.1″

# Upgrade the Datasets Management Tool
./usr/share/osf-installer/osf –upgrade-osf-datasets-management-tool=”3.0.1″

# Upgrade the Data Validator Tool
./usr/share/osf-installer/osf –upgrade-osf-data-validator-tool=”3.0.1″

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