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Here is a list of some of the papers and articles that have been published and unpublished in the last few years.

irON Specification, Version 0.9: Technical Documentation – February 2010 – irON Specification document –

UMBEL Ontology, Vol. 1: Technical Documentation – August 2008 – UMBEL specification documents –

UMBEL Ontology, Vol. 2: Subject Concepts and Named Entities Instantiation – August 2008 – UMBEL specification documents –

zLinks: Semantic Framework for Invoking Contextual Linked Data – April 2008 – LDOW 2008 – This first-ever demonstration of the new zLinks plug-in shows how any existing Web document link can be automatically transformed into a portal to relevant Linked Data. Each existing link disambiguates to its contextual and relevant subject concept (SC) or named entity (NE). The SCs are grounded in the OpenCyc knowledge base, supplemented by aliases and WordNet synsets to aid disambiguation. The NEs are drawn from Wikipedia as processed via YAGO, and other online fact-based repositories. The UMBEL ontology basis to this framework offers significant further advantages. The zLinks popup is invoked only as desired via unobtrusive user interface cues.

The Music Ontology (English) – August 2007 – ISMIR 2007 – It describes a formal framework for dealing with music-related information on the Semantic Web.

An Architecture to Discover and Query Decentralized RDF Data (English) – May 2007 – SFSW 2007 – It shows an architecture that discover, aggregate, publish and consume RDF data present on the Web.

SWFP: Secure Web Feeds Protocol (English) – May 2005 – I wrote this paper to try to find a solution to the growing problem of the secure distribution of private web feeds.

Artificial Intelligence system of the Robocup Laval team (French) – June 2003 – I wrote this short paper to present the artificial intelligence software I developed over a period of 2 years for a team of robotic soccer called Robocup Laval of the Laval University. This short paper has been added to the annual report of the robotic group. The goal of the robotic team was to participate to the Robocup competition. We won third place in 2004 at the American Open in New Orleans with that system.

Memory Layout in Program Execution (English) – October 2001 – It's the first article I wrote for my old web site on software development called Decatomb.com.

Please, contact me by email if you find any technical or grammatical errors in one or another of these articles.