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Another thing that makes me passionate, and that is in direct relation with my passion for survival and combat sports, is fear: any fear. Fear of death, fear of feeling pain, fear of losing and fear of ruining everything. The person that tells you that he or she never fears anything is a liar, or someone that has some mental problems. Everybody feels fear. The thing that differs from one person to the next will be the way they will handle their fears, how they will pass through them.

What is captivating is not to have fears or not: one day or another, some will surface. No, what captivating about fears, is discovering them and then understanding how to win over them. That way, slowly, a confidence and an assurance in you will appear. It’s that assurance and this confidence that will lead you to find the courage to undertake even greater things, things that you feared before, but certainly not now.

FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real