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Humans and intelligence

The intelligence, the brain, the Human, the mind... divine creation or biological computer? Is it simply the chemical exchanges between neurons that produce the complexity of the Human?

Jean-Louis Krivine elaborated a theory that the human reason would be a multi-layer system in the same style of a computer: the power would be the neuron influx, the lambda calculus theorems would also be applicable to the human brain, the basic routines would be the unconscious and the programming languages would be the natural languages.

Add to it the universal grammar theories and other incalculable cognitive theories, experiments on animals, on humans, on populations, on deterministic computer system or not, and you will have a glimpse of what makes me passionate.

The Human is definitely the most captivating entity present in our environment. It is impossible to predict how he or she will react and what will push her or him to react in a certain situation. Since we are conscious of our environment we try to learn on us, we try to understand who we are and why we are that way.

Some people try to uncover some answers by studying the Human, other like Jean-Louis Krivine try to discover it using mathematics. Some people will even create imposing computer infrastructures to try to reproduce some human comportment.

Regardless of the method used to study the Human: whether by the use of artificial intelligence, the elaboration of complex artificial intelligence systems, the study of the Human psychology, the study of Human behaviour, or the study of memory and the Human brain, I am first and foremost passionate bout Humans, their behaviours and the appearance of intelligence.