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I never read a book during my childhood. I simply hated reading. At the age of 17, I worked in a bookstore to fix some software problems with their inventory management system. I had to work in all fields that require the management of a bookstore: from the command of new books to their reception, from the inventory to the clients’ pockets. The experience was funny considering that I had never really read a book on my own before.

It’s at that precise moment that I developed a fascination for books (the object). I was fascinated by what they represented, their smell and their imposing presence on the shelves. It is at that moment that I bought and read my first book on my own. Since that seminal moment, hundred of books have taken up residence on my bedroom bookshelves, year after year.

I now consider reading as the mother of all my passions. I wasn’t really a passionate child: I was playing and that’s it. However, starting at that moment, I not only discovered the world, but also the possibilities it hides. I now learn and grow from and with my readings: science-fiction, French literature, English literature, science, philosophy, psychology, adventure, biographies, etc.

It’s from that moment that my passions were born, and it’s at that precise moment that I began to be a passionate man.