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How a human is able to survive in extreme situations? How can a person survive an avalanche? How were some Jews able to survive in concentration camps considering that they only had skin on their bones? How can people survive alone in a desert without water and food for many days? How can one person kill another, in a muddy trench of the First World War, with only a helmet?

What pushes people to survive in extreme situations while telling themselves: “It’s not true that I will die here, I have too many things to do and the situation is really too ridiculous to die! Let’s play!”

There are so many things to learn by studying the stories of these people. It’s fascinating to discover how they never lose faith in themselves and in life. Many people would have given up and died, but not them! Why?

Such characters always fascinated me. I always enjoy reading their stories and learning what they pass through. It’s probably this passion for survival, the passion for these survivors, that helped me walk about 15 kilometers, at 5300 meters above sea level, alone in the Himalaya, affected by  pulmonary edema and an intestinal infection that prevented me from eating for 5 days.